Grace Adele by Scentsy is Here! Custom Bags + Jewelry

My last hours online, on Twitter, Facebook Page and Facebook groups – Scentsy related or not – have been buzzing and blowing up about the new line Scentsy just revealed at their Annual Convention, this year in Las Vegas, NV. Days ago, Scentsy twittered that they are going to enter a $64 Million industry and reveal Wednesday night. Speculations continued to fly, even more so than the previous weeks, and months.

A Scentsy Director even wrote on her blog speculating that Scentsy may be buying out a new company, particularly “new kid on the block” Origami Owl, with decent points to back that up why she thought so.  She stated how a company that grows so fast such as Origami Owl with 1200+ Designers in 3 months of its existence and with 5,000 Designers in Waiting may struggle in its growing pains and funds needed for such a great demand and undertaking, may actually crash and close -  and how feasible that would be without help of Scentsy – Origami Owll may meet its demise.  Scentsy, afterall, is a strong and debt-free company according to this deleted blog post. I supposed so too… Scentsy is huge.  It was circulating online that they became a publicly traded company but a closer look and citing the website, it is in fact a family-owned company.  But today, I saw that it was not Origami Owl, phew!

It is handbags, jewelry and accessories under the brand Grace Adele. I did think  days ago “bags” when they gave out the 64 Million question on their Twitter feed days ago but many said that could not be it…  bags? There’s so many already… Thirty-One, Gigi Hill, Initials Inc., Miche Bags, Madison Handbags…. on and on and on… so many said no but I stuck to my guess.

So why was I still surprised when a Scentsy friend of mine told me it was purses?!!  Here is the video on the new line:


What I have found out in the last hours:

This is a separate company from their candles.  It is still within the Scentsy umbrella but you would have to sign up to it to sell it – it is not automatic.   If you were already a Scentsy consultant, there was a discount for adding Velata to one’s Wickless offering.  If they do repeat this, there will be an opportunity for current Scentys reps to have a little discount to do Grace Adele lessening the $199 and up starting costs.  Sign ups start August 1.


About the NEW:

The Grace Adele bags are $80-$200 with some being leather and some not.

What makes them unique?   It is custom handbags with a 5 step process where customers choose their fabrics, finishes and accessories.  For those familiar with Origami Owl, it’s kind of like that but with bags.

Image source:


The new line Grace Adele also offers jewelry and scarves and other things women love, including but not limited to coordinating wallets, chains, and purse accessories like flowers.


A real consultant concern?

What does it mean for current bag consultants that sell Scentsy candles and sell for other direct sales bags like Thirty-One?  That is still up in the air for me as far as a clear answer.  One Scentsy rep told me that it would not affect current Thirty-One Independent reps who also sell Scentsy Wickless, but another S-rep told me that that is not true.  She was asked to not sell Dove while she sold Scentsy Wickless candles because Scentsy offers a chocolate line too called Velata.  Readers, Scentsy reps, can I get some clarification on this?  I already know that one can’t sell for 2 candle cmpanies or 2 hand bag companies as per DSA Rules.

While I was looking for answers to my question above, a Scentsy rep stated that she could sign up Grace Adele reps while she only sold the Wickless Candles and still make overrides/commission on that recruit.  Pretty neat, I thought!  Get recruiting everyone!!

Here is a quickie on my thoughts and opinion on Grace Adele:

Looks? Not everything is my style but I might get a bag, if not now, maybe later.

The competition?

Gigi Hill was my first thought when I first heard “Grace Adele” because they had bags named Grace and Adele the last time I checked out their site – and the speculation that Scentsy was buying out an existing company helped fuel my 10 second thought… only 10 seconds only because 10 second later I was watching the Adele Grace video on its YouTube channel… and as I sat watching the video, I thought…

Stella & Dot?!! as the Grace Adele video featured leather bags with similarities  to size and color of those offered by Stella & Dot.  Stella & Dot is primarily a jewelry company with a few bags while Grace Adele is primarily bags with some jewelry.  Grace Adele was showing jewelry pieces, some reminiscent of those offered by Stella & Dot.  I have no further information on the Grace Adele jewelry; it’s materials and what not and I only know the quality of Stella & Dots, as I have a decent personal collection of Stella & Dot’s 2011 Summer and Fall lines.

Then a few minutes later,  my Scentsy friend pointed out that it isn’t much like Gigi or Stella but more like…

Madison Handbags as Madison is reportedly the the first in the direct sales industry with a business model of letting the Madison consumer choose the fabrics and finishes of their bags. But on the other hand, Madison Handbags does not offer leather like Stella & Dot and Grace has now combined the two.

The Scentsy Director that posted online about the possible purchases did state that the items are being shipped out of India, like many of Scentsy’s other product lines.  I do not know this for sure.  What I do know for sure is that Madison handbags are made by people right here in the United States.

Thirty-One and it’s closest competitor, Initials, Inc. should have nothing to worry about.  The products are so different in colors, style, function compared to Grace Adele’s target market that one would not pose a threat to the other.  Even if the same woman bought from Thirty-One and Grace Adele, it would serve totally different purposes.  The only threat I see is a possibility in loss of commission or reps from Scentsy or another bag company, if a bag-lady can no longer sell bags in addtion to Scentsy Wickless and be deemed as against P&P, in regards to company product competition, because Scentsy now offers bags under its Scentsy umbrella of companies. Again, can someone clarify this for me?


Thoughts floating on the web?

There are lots mixed feeling with the new line.  The most prevalent is “what is up with the whole Scentsy company and all these new lines?,”  “Are Wickless not paying off enough?,” “Must they monopolize everything or try to compete with everything in the Ds world?”  Only months ago were the Scentsy additions such as scented body care, laundry care, scented greeting cards and Velata chocolate, and now bags too.  I read many say, a company should stick to one good thing and keep working on it to improve it and keep making it stronger, not add something way out there.  I agree on that for the most part.  I do also am aware that there are business matters and business decisions made beyond the thoughts and feelings of its associates.  Scentsy is a publicly traded company, have people pulling the strings and investors to answer to.  Here we see growth and change in action being made to a company who has been growing greatly the past years.  Ironically, that growth rode on and was the result of providing warmers and melts – something that is so simple.  Can this growth be replicated and surpassed with all these new additions or will it do the opposite.  I guess only time will tell….


My thoughts on Scentsy the Company and its other products?

I have nothing bad to say about Scentsy as a whole, or even their wickless despite the fact that I do represent another candle company that also offer wickless candles.  I have some Scentsy melts from a swap group that I have used.  Someone  even asked on Twitter just today for a Scentsy Bar recommendation for her grandma and I replied with ‘Camu Camu’ =)  I have tried Velata when it first came out at someone’s Thirty-One party. The chocolate was yummy but I do prefer less sugar in my chocolate.  I have not tried their body products Layers, and honestly probably won’t because i prefer my company’s ingredients or lack of it compared to Scentsy’s.  Scented cards, I have yet to see receive one ;)


What are your thoughts with the new Grace Adele line?  While you’re at it, let me know your thoughts in all the new stuff and recommend one to me.  I just might try it because that is what TheDirectSalesMom does best!

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  1. Kelly Tenney says

    Thanks for taking the time to write about Grace Adele! I really love it. I’ve always wanted to get into fashion, but I’ve never really had a good way to do it until Grace Adele came out. It’s so easy now to create a custom look.

    P.S. I love Camu Camu :)

  2. Cindy says

    Hi there! I just wanted to clarify that Scentsy Family is NOT a publicly traded company. Since Orville and Heidi bought it, it has been solely family owned.

    • TheDirectSalesMom says

      Hi Cindy! Your right. I’m sorry. I was given incorrect information. I will definitely edit the post to reflect the facts. Thanks!

  3. Jason says

    Hello Y’all!Thank you Sherrie and thanks to each of you for your enstihuasm It’s so fun to see how many people love Scentsy!Dont’ forget to take advantage of our Black Friday Deals on our site while you can!Happy Holidays!


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